私がどうしてイスラムを選んだか(3)ついにイスラム The reason why I became a muslim (3) Finally Islam











































Exploring the world of religon


I started to read again books explaining about religions.


At this time my criterion was simple.  I omit all types of religions which are found by a man.


I didn't need what a man made though how great he might be.





I didn't want to throw Buddhism because I liked the teachings which are generous and kind.


I couldn't forget the view of a fisherman's village which my mother was from.  In the small village people were very religious and the monk of only one temple was highly respected.  When we attended a memorial service for my grand mother dead many years ago, all villagers gathered.  She died 30 years ago so most villagers didn't know her personally.  Howver they seemed happy to come to help the service and once the monk started to chant Buddhist sutra, amazingly enough to me they themselves recited from memory together.  In the end of the ceremony the monk delivered a sermon.  They laughed, even played jokes sometimes but ended with tears.


Beautiful it was BUT, BUT Buddhism couldn't answer my question "why we are here."


How I can compromise with the complicated relation between Mr. Buddha and the one who created him.  He must be a very good man but what I am looking for is the creator.  The truth must be not complicated but straightforward as all people can understand and accept easily.  That was what I thought.





Christianity was another option.  It was the one which directly talks about the creation.  I went to a Christian high school.  All students had to read bibles and pray in the church.  We had a bible class that all students had to attend.  I remember one incident.  After some explanation the teacher made one student spoke aloud with surprise "Are you saying Jesus is not god?"  The teacher quickly replied "No!  Of course not!  He is not god!"  Then suddenly the class became noisy.  Many others said "Jesus and God are two different things?  But here its written ~~~.  Oh I have been thinking they are the same!  Then is Jesus a man?"  That was the last day of our bible class after 2 years study which ended with question marks.  


Even after reading again, I came to an conclusion, "Christianity is too difficult for me."



Finally Islam


I was at the same time reading about Arabs to find if they are really thieves as the book was saying.  Mainly books of travels.


Very interesting.  Very attractive.  I read about Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia and so, simple books talking about their life, people and culture.  I was more attracted to the way how the people think.  The more countries or places I read about,  the easier I understood that there's one common basic idea in all those countries or places which was Islam.  


I decided "let me read about Islam now."