日本人は本当に無宗教なのか⑵ どうしてそんなに簡単に人に従うの?Are the Japanese really non-religious⑵? Why do you follow people so easily?


The next broadcast was a unique temple.



The young priest of the temple is a former boxer, but he decided to become a priest and opened a bar right after. It's also a temple in itself.


本当にバーなんですね見た感じは。It really looks like a bar with many kinds of alcohol.


When you go to a temple, there's a statue of Buddha in the main hall. The buddha in the temple-bar was not that big, it's just a big Buddhist altar that you have at home, but it's still called a temple, I don't know about the defination. Anyway it's a bar and a temple at the same time.


People come to the temple and appreciate for the unique style of temple. 



In the case of one woman, it happened to be raining, and she went into a bar that she saw, and it was this temple, and she said, "I thought I was being guided."




I think there is an idea of being led, so that's fine. She said this was her third time to come. The priest was young, maybe in his twenties or thirties, and he was giving a lecture or something, and he said in the lecture, "Try a horse by riding him, and judge a man by living with him."  The woman hearing that, she lived with such a little effort 

for a while, and after that, her relationship with people at work and other things started to go well, and she said, "Thanks to you, those words really saved me. Thank you very much."   She's very happy.



始めは人が気軽に来られるバーお寺で、なるほどと思ったんですけど、これを聞いたときは、すごく疑問でいっぱいになりました。In the beginning I thought a temple in a bar is a good idea because it's an informal place that people can easily visit.  However when I heard what she said, I was filled with questions.


なんでなんだろう? Why is that?

どうしてこんなに簡単に人を受け入れて、人を信じるのかなーって。Why did she accept people so easily and believe in them?

Maybe I'm a very arrogant person...




No matter how good the story was, it was just the words of this young man. I understand. There are a lot of great young people, that's right. So I will stop saying anything about age. It's just the words of this person. They just happen to touch her and work well for her, there's no truth in them.

It's just a coincidence. It's not the word of God, it's the word of man.




It was very strange to me, because he was just a human being, wasn't it?


この人が神だったらいいんですよ、つまり絶対に間違わない存在、絶対的存在。だけれども人間だから自分も悩み自分も苦しみ自分も間違う存在なはずなんですよね。弱い、汚い、ぐちゃぐちゃした存在。もちろん僧侶ということでちゃんとお勉強していらっしゃるだろうし、人間もできているのかもしれない。けれども、それでも、たかが人間の言うことになーんでそんなに、全面的に委ねられるのかなっていうのが、私には変なんです、解せないんです 。

If this person was God, it would be fine.  He would never be wrong, he would be absolute. But actually he is a human being, he worries, he suffers, he makes mistakes, he is weak, he is dirty, he is messy being. Of course, as a priest, he must have studied well and he may be a good human being. But still, it's strange to me, I can't understand how she can put so much faith in the words of a mere human being.



There are many corrupt religious people in the world. Not only in Buddhism, but also in Christianity, Islam, whatever, there are many corrupt religious leaders, and people must have seen and heard them.



I think that following a human being is not so different from following believers in cult "Aum", who followed Shoko Asahara. You never know what that person is going to say next. I wonder why you don't doubt him?