イスラムの日常。スポーツとバーガーとショッピングと服とDaily life of a muslim. Sports, burger, shopping and dress


Are you curious to know what the daily life of a Japanese Muslim?




Today I spent all morning in the gym.

I went to a stretching class for an hour and then went swimming for an hour. It's a women's only gym, so all the people and instructors are women and it's a very comfortable place.




And for lunch I had a soy meat burger at Doutor.





As you may know, there are certain foods that are not allowed in Islam, so it's great to have a vegetarian menu like this readily available in a normal café.

It's not more than 600 yen with a cup of coffee.


そして午後は新大久保に行きました。 Twitter で見たポソンというものを買いに行ったのです。ポソンって韓国の冬のルームシューズ、暖かい靴下らしいんです。

In the afternoon I went to Shin-Okubo. I went there to buy something I saw on Twitter called Poson. Po-sung is Korean winter room shoes or warm socks. 



猫の毛がついてる。。。Cat's fur

最近ちょっとK POP にはまっていて久しぶりの新大久保コリアンタウンに行きました。意外に賑わってた。やっぱりNijiUとかエンハイフンとかの影響かなと感じました。アイランドっていうオーディション番組から誕生したグループがエンハイフンなんです。たまたま見ていたらダンスがすごく上手で、私も影響を受けて、すごく踊りたくなって、そうしたらこのスポーツジムが丁度ヒップホップクラス海溝ということで、以来参加しています。これがすごく楽しいんです。自分の体を道具のように動かすっていうのがすごく楽しい。

I went to Shin-Okubo Korean Town.  I like to watch K-Pop nowadays. Now NijiU and Enhypen is very popular.  I happened to see an audition show called Island. The participants were really good at dancing and I was influenced by them.  Luckily the sport gym started a new course which is hiphop so I have joined.  It's really fun to move my body like a tool.




Today I wore a skirt, a sweater and a scarf.

This is what I wear most of the time.




I think people have the impression that Muslims wear black and only show their eyes, but in reality it varies. Some of my friends are like that and some of them wear long dresses and long scarves.

I like to wear dresses too. You don't have to coordinate anything, you just put one on and you're done. And it's easy because it's not too tight.




I was in Syria once.  When I came back, I wore the dresses I bought in Syria all the time. I gradually got bored of them, and at the same time the dresses became old, so Igradually changed them because I could get clothes in Japan at any price, and that's how I am now. On the other hand, dresses are not available in Japan. It's not easy to buy them by mail order.

I don't like to wear long scarves anyway because I'm short and it makes me look unbalanced.


つまり何を着るかは結局本人の自由なんですね、イスラムのルールっていうのはありますけど。だからみんな好きに好みで服を選んでいます。So in the end it's up to you what you wear, although there are Islamic rules. So everyone chooses what they want to wear.



The colour of the dress or the length of the scarf or anything like that does not indicate the level of faith.



You don't know inside a person.



Nobody knows what a person's faith is, nobody knows what a person's relationship with God is, nobody has access to it. It's not for anyone to say, it's not for anyone to criticise, it's not for anyone to interfere.



In Islam, there are clear guidelines. There are clear guidelines for what is acceptable in Islam. The same applies to food and dress, for example. It's up to the individual to understand them and live accordingly.



Muslims all over the world are living different lives and trying their best to be successful in this life and in the life after death.
It is the Islamic way of life.



The goal is clear and they live a normal life to achieve it, even though they are sometimes confused and worried.  That is the islamic daily life.